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An app to find your next drop in game or activity.

Search For Activities Near You

Drop In is the intuitive answer to the question "are there any pick-up games near me?"

Filtering and finding the sports that matter to you gets your blood pumping faster than group texts or scrolling Facebook's irrelevant ads. Get playing with those near you faster, smarter, easier.

Map of events nearby

Quickly Create Sports and Fitness Events

Stop with those awkward group text messages.

Get your pick-up game on the map for anyone nearby to Drop In on the action.

Have a fitness activity that would be better with more? Have others keep you accountable to get on that 3 mile run by creating an event. You'd better get those kicks laced up now...others are counting on you!

Creating events screen

Don't Miss The Details With Drop In Event Messages

Use the events message board for anything from making sure there is an extra ball on hand to letting everyone know you're bringing your a-game...and they should too!

Message the team with event messages

Use Your Profile to Share Your Skills

Don't just play the game, show your game with the Drop In profile. Forget "share on Facebook", with Drop In you show it on the field or court.

Show of your profile

Meet New People; Grow Your Team

Finding a running buddy or a great teammate is tough. Using Drop In you can meet new people, grow your network of fellow enthusiasts, and make new friends.

Find new friends

It All Started With Hockey

Our founder, Jesse, started Drop In when he was tired of struggling to get enough players for he and his buddies' pick-up hockey games. He had the pond, the lights...the rink was set but there never seemed to be an easy way to let others know the game was happening. He would resort to several methods but they never really worked.

With Drop In, Jesse sets up a pick-up game and people are able to get alerted before he even sets his stick on the ice. No messy text message trains. No sifting through Facebook. Just the sound of the puck in the back of the net and sweet sweet victory.

Motivation For The Run

Finding the motivation to run costs Peter, one of our developers, hundreds of dollars with every new gadget he pre-orders. With Drop In, though, he found the greatest motivator of all was good 'ol fashioned embarrassment when others are counting on him and he didn't show up.

Peter can now skip the latest BitFit or GPS with hyper-glonass-satellite-ultra and just have a few buddies run with him. That gets him up and lacing his kicks faster than the to-the-second heart rate in full color on his wrist. Although he still can't help but pre-order anything that's shiny and from fruit companies.

Basketball Pick-Up Games

Our head of business development, Michael, travels a lot and is always looking for a good pick-up game of basketball. On a recent trip to Portland he was looking for a quick game of basketball after a meeting. He knew Brian played near his meeting...but he couldn't remember what "Brian no-last-name" in his phone was the basketball player in Portland or his dentist.

Michael can now use Drop In to know whether or not Brian no-last-name is playing hoops or just spot another pick-up game getting going several blocks away. that his dentist with that awesome layup?